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my lil site :)

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Aug 21st 2001#13879 Report
Member since: Aug 21st 2001
Posts: 4
hi there all ^^ this is my lil site isnt much but plz take alook ^^

suggestions/comments mosted welcome
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Aug 21st 2001#13890 Report
Member since: Mar 28th 2001
Posts: 1109
-i love the colors.
-i love the simplicity.
-that little arrow in the top left corner has been done to death. i'd drop it.
-i like your logo and the blurred thing next to it.
-not a whole hell of a lot of content. nothing really interesting anyhow.

nice job...i think
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Aug 21st 2001#13900 Report
Member since: Jul 16th 2001
Posts: 239
nice colors. good work. just make the navigation buttons a bit other. another shape.
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Aug 21st 2001#13907 Report
Member since: Aug 3rd 2001
Posts: 86
I love it so much! Great idea going there but loose the arrows like Charm said.... Way to trendwhore...
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Aug 21st 2001#13924 Report
Member since: Aug 15th 2001
Posts: 19
hmm..... lose the arrows but you need something to replace it with.. i think it would look too plain without something there
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