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Just fixed Site! Check it Out!

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Sep 28th 2004#160770 Report
Member since: Nov 25th 2003
Posts: 31
I just completed my portfolio and just want some feed back. If you have any suggestions that could help me please reply.
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Sep 28th 2004#160771 Report
Member since: Jul 12th 2004
Posts: 88
it's clean and functional (simplicity=good in my books) and some nice colours would compliment that design to make it really elegant. here are some suggestions:

1. the flashing line underneath the links and in the "contact" section get a little annoying. could try a static line?

2. i like the way the thin black lines divide up the 2D space. for consistency's sake, you could remove the shadow from the "portfolio" section (under the left side menu) or add similar shadows to the other sections/overall design

3. I'm not sure how important "site news" is. could shrink it down and give your other, more important sections some extra space

4. the grey-orange-white scheme is old/dated. you could try completely new colours, or if you want to stick with the orange, experiment with less conventional oranges (like a rich reddy orange) or tint the grey (warm it up/cool it down) to make it more lively.
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