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this is my bro's web site

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Aug 18th 2004#158759 Report
Member since: Mar 6th 2003
Posts: 329
something he made for a friend
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Aug 18th 2004#158760 Report
Member since: Sep 6th 2001
Posts: 3893
I like it, upbeat and catchy... but I have a few suggestions.

In the flash intro, the logo for the site is kindof messed up looking... i attached a screenshot.

As for the site, the cd/boxes along the bottom are rather blurry and distorted looking... clean those up and I think it will look good
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Aug 19th 2004#158763 Report
Member since: Mar 6th 2003
Posts: 329
i told him the same thing but the logo design wasnt made by him it was made by the owner... so you know how that goes to me it kinda looks like a 44...
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