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My site needs alot of help

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Aug 9th 2004#158026 Report
Member since: Jun 19th 2004
Posts: 8
Hey guys, I'm designing a website that sells aftermarket automotive performance parts. My site needs lots of work designwise and i just wanted to post it on here to get some suggestions. The one area im having the most trouble with is the nav bar. I have no clue what matches with the rest of the site. I want the color scheme to be related to the banner and the outside background color in some way. I just want some tips to make the site look better in general.

EDIT: Heres the site(lol)
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Aug 9th 2004#158041 Report
Member since: Aug 28th 2001
Posts: 970
I think you should utilize more of the space. If the photos you’re using are high res, you can make them a lot bigger. (Mainly talking about car photos).
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Aug 9th 2004#158080 Report
Member since: Jan 21st 2002
Posts: 69
Full of PHP Pharser Errors... Could not get an impression of what you want to have the site looks like... sry
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Aug 10th 2004#158083 Report
Member since: Aug 18th 2003
Posts: 77
It's not a bad design at all. Even considering its based off oscommerce.

It say clean up the bottom there, maybe add a nice header like the top. I like the font at the top, works well!

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Aug 10th 2004#158119 Report
Member since: Jan 1st 1970
You're getting a 'header' error on several pages. If I try to click on a "Buy Now" button or "My Account" from any page, I get the parse error.

To fix this, go to the files that are at fault in the error message. Go to the bottom of the file and delete any blank spaces after the ?>

I like the grey color scheme. I would suggest trying the effect with the top banner image where you grey out the image except for one feature; I dunno, maybe leave one of the cars in color or just a feature of one of the cars. I would reduce the font size for the "My Account | Cart Contents | Checkout " section. Overall I like it, I assume you used the BTS template system for OSC?

Nice job.
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Aug 10th 2004#158124 Report
Member since: Jun 19th 2004
Posts: 8
I am acutally slowly modifying it w/ the a template at all. And i got the problem fixed w/ the ?>. THanks!!!
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