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Aug 4th 2004#157559 Report
Member since: Aug 27th 2002
Posts: 672
Looking good so far. Like Nos said, I think adding somekind of beige would look sweet too.
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Aug 4th 2004#157563 Report
Member since: Sep 16th 2002
Posts: 1876
[QUOTE=msz070]Hm, I think I want to do something minor to the top image, and only something minor, although I do like your idea. And I also still want to do the color selector.[/QUOTE]

It MUST be minor to keep with the theme. If you can, make the top image random... make about 8 or so little graphics, similar, but not the same, as the current one... and randomize their appearance... like the TeamPS intro page thing.

That randomness and the user's ability to select color schemes would make for a very awesome little website.
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Aug 4th 2004#157566 Report
Member since: Aug 25th 2001
Posts: 1619
Yea, and I'm thinking they would all have to be transparent gifs, so I can just keep it totally random and have the BG color change.
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Aug 4th 2004#157573 Report
Member since: Jun 3rd 2003
Posts: 1867

Anyway .... you get Kudos from me for pulling off the CSS. That stuff gives me migraines.

Yeah right... CSS is awesome, and it's very simple. The only annoying thing is making it compatible for Firefox and IE. Otherwise i think it requires less time than HTML, or at least an equivalent amount of time for tweaking and all that.

Plus a color selector imo would be a GREAT idea, and it'd take 2 seconds (minor css changes).

Edit. Transparent gifs wouldn't be a good idea, unless all the sides are completely squared off, you're gonna get jaggyness fa sho. A better alternative is transparent PNG, but IE doesnt support that unfortunately.
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Aug 4th 2004#157584 Report
Member since: Feb 17th 2003
Posts: 2450
how did I miss this? Hot pink

I heard that pink was the new pink this year - haha. I like it. I also think the upper section is a bit big but that depends on what you intend to put there. If you're going to have splash-like things there then I think it's ok. I don't mind the small text also - the important thing is to have enough of it to fill the space....
One thing I think would fit in there is large chunks ow white stuff... either graphics or borders or bg's...

show us more.
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Aug 4th 2004#157591 Report
Member since: Jul 14th 2004
Posts: 178
I like it, but it burned my retinas out :(
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