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Preview of new site

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Aug 2nd 2004#157284 Report
Member since: Nov 27th 2003
Posts: 30
i know its kinda small but the content area will grow when i get it all the content in on the other pages. the links turn to green when you mouse over them. im thinking the title ONLINE PORTFOLIO needs to be bigger, what do you think?

EDIT: Please dont post images directly into the forums, use links in the future ;)
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Aug 2nd 2004#157305 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
Posts: 1977
ONLINE PORTFOLIO needs to be bigger

Absolutely not. Its kinda too big as it is right now. REASON being "online portfolio" doesnt mean much. Its like having the title "This is a website". It's ok if you add online portfilio (though it most likely wouldnt be needed, ppl should be able to figure out the purpose of the site fairly fast)......but if you want to keep it, make it smaller and out of the way.

Instead, what should be bigger is an important element.....such as your name. For ex. do you want your visitors to remember the phrase "Online Portfiolio", or your name "Brandon Jones". Type both into a search engine and you'll see what i mean. Online portfilio will get a million hits. Your name will hopefully bring up your site.

My suggestion, swap the 2. Put your name in big letters up top, and put "online portfolio" where your name is next to the navigation. Also having what the site is ("online portfolio") and whats available on the site ( ie the navigation ) next to each other makes more sense.
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Aug 2nd 2004#157312 Report
Member since: Jun 5th 2001
Posts: 150
I agree totally with him ^
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Aug 2nd 2004#157424 Report
Member since: Jun 9th 2002
Posts: 1283
well I dont get why there is a picture of the hulk there, unless you drew that of course. If its just there to "look cool" get rid of it. Have some real reasoning behind what you do. Cool looking isnt an good one. Use design to make things look cool, not green hulks. Also the same goes for the computer. I have a feeling it is there just to show how cool it looks. Sure you can tell us about what computer you use to do your graphics, but dont put it on your home page. Design is about design not computers.
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Aug 3rd 2004#157444 Report
Member since: Nov 27th 2003
Posts: 30
i agree with you both. thanks for the reply's.
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Aug 4th 2004#157655 Report
Member since: Nov 27th 2003
Posts: 30
what do think of it now(check the link above)?
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