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A site for a friend/client kinda..

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Jul 22nd 2004#156211 Report
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Any pointers?
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Jul 22nd 2004#156214 Report
Member since: Jun 3rd 2003
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yes. I think that you are using two colors that contrast greatly and as a result don't look that hot.

i just think it's too all over th eplace. the header is unnecessarily big, especially considering the logo it needs to hold. The grunge, rather than being used subtley and tastefully, is overused and overdone. (by the way, is that Dubtastic's brushes? lol, he's a nice guy and he said you don't have to credit him, so that's not the point. just curious lol) You also used a bunch of crazy stock photos that weren't really put together in any order, just stuck side by side. they have no congruence or symmetry or pattern in size, which kind of irks me.

also, the haphazard design is worsened by the text going everywhere.

the only thing that i think really needs to be serioulsy fixed is the color scheme... color dodged red over jungle green won't get you anywhere.

You've got good design elements in this piece, but they have to be used tastefully and in moderate amounts, not necessarily going completely crazy with it. Don't forget, more is less.

p.s. 2 scrollbars = bad
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