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Everyone needs an online portfolio, right?

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Jun 16th 2004#153548 Report
Member since: Jun 16th 2004
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I'm looking for a graphics job, so I drummed up a resume/portfolio to send out.

Comments? Critiques?

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Jun 16th 2004#153560 Report
Member since: Mar 25th 2002
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Ummm.... why are all your thumbnails so tiny. It's no good having a portfolio if your pictures are not large enough to get an impression of what you do. They should be roughly 10 times the size you have.

Your resume is also a little short of real or valuable experience, not a problem per se, but don't try and pad it out with inconsequential or irrelevant info. No-one is going to care that you worked at Walmarts or whatever. Just leave out anything that is not directly going to help you get a design related job.

You need more work in your folio as a whole too. We all start somewhere (I desperately need to sort my own folio out with some new pieces) but try and build up a quality body of work fast. Do pro bono and free jobs - look around your local area and see who could use your services for free or at cost.

*edit* I see that you have in fact included larger images, but you have obscured the only navigational device in a i-frame at the bottom. At least make the thumbnails and all pictures as click-able links. Don't provide pictures that you don't have larger reference images for (thinking of your CD design, if it's a concept you are also duty bound to tell the viewer).

Lose the info about yourself, again no-one cares who you are really. Just what you do. Favourite colour blue!?!??!!

The green is really icky with that sky blue and the nod at trend-whore mightily unwelcome in this incarnation.
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Jun 16th 2004#153571 Report
Member since: Jan 6th 2004
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the Nav for me is alittle confusing you should try to make it more user friendly, some people are dumb like me and cant figure things out and will eventually just close the window and imo the all that blue hurts my eyes...

Hope this helps you out....
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