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New Valley

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Jun 16th 2004#153545 Report
Member since: Jul 17th 2002
Posts: 215
Here's a new one: .

Feedback and crits would rock the house!
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Jun 16th 2004#153547 Report
Member since: Sep 29th 2003
Posts: 1496
Dang, that rocks the house. I can't see anything I like, it is great. Whoa, tempe, I am in Gilbert. :D
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Jun 17th 2004#153589 Report
Member since: Jan 21st 2002
Posts: 69
wow, very nice work!!!

crits??? what's that??? forgott what it is while watching this! *g*

PS: your homepage roxx too!!!
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Jun 17th 2004#153591 Report
Member since: Jun 20th 2003
Posts: 1203
I know this is off topic, but why did you switch back to the old pioneer graphics layout? The other one was sweet.

And, are you still with them?

Oh, and the site looks very nice, minus the iFrames. Why not just have it stretch?

And I generally don't like flash unless it truly enhances the whole experience, thus I think the site would look better, and be more accessable in just plain HTML (XHTML preferably). I don't see a real need for flash in this instance, but I doubt you would redo the whole thing on account of that so, good job!
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Jun 18th 2004#153736 Report
Member since: Jul 17th 2002
Posts: 215
Thanks for the feedback.

Telemakhos - I'm not using Iframes right now, is there a particular spot that you were refering too? I'm also working on an HTML version for the people with slower connections and older computers.

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Jun 18th 2004#153739 Report
Member since: Aug 12th 2002
Posts: 1693
That's really increadible!
Have been listening to that song now for about 20 minutes :D
It's lovely!

Okey I agree with tele that I don't like flash sites.
BUT if you are able to make something like this in flash then go for it.
I don't like flash if it's not done good, but you could never get the same feeling you get when you enter this site if it would be just plain HTML.
When you enter this it's like actually coming to some really nice place and forget that you are actually just looking at a site.
It's impossible not to get that Awee...wonderful feeling!
And I don't think there are alot of sites that can do that.
But this one sure did it for me!

Those clouds in the header. WOW! That's some amazing work...

As tele said...about those frames...well if you go to community for example there comes a vertical scroll but I think it would look better if it would just stretch out as tele said.

One ofther thing...I love this site but I think the colors are 100% right...
I know you can't change them anymore...but for example the header under the text, it looks like fog or something...takes away the amazing, wornderful feeling.
Fog is never nice...
I would maybe have choosen mountains and an open space with green grass or something.
And gone with some lighter colors...yellow or green? more nature colors...

Still wonderful work, and nice to see that you still come here and show your work...
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Jun 18th 2004#153742 Report
Member since: Jan 14th 2003
Posts: 942
What song is that? It's very nice...

Actually, the whole site is incredible. THAT is what flash should be used for - to enhance a site, and to give it the atmosphere it needs to properly relate the site's purpose. After viewing your own website and such, you definately know what you're doing when it comes to flash.

Very pleasant, i wouldn't change a thing. How much are you charging for it?

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Jun 18th 2004#153745 Report
Member since: Nov 10th 2003
Posts: 129
Its great work, I feel the same way 3jorn does. Marvelous job, keep it up!
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