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Changes on site?

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Jun 13th 2004#153236 Report
Member since: Jun 13th 2004
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deleted by user
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Jun 14th 2004#153261 Report
Member since: May 13th 2003
Posts: 644
welcome abord lunacy, enjoy your stay and hope we see more and more of your work.

As for the site.

I dont really like it, i mean is works very well, fast all links are working easy navigation.
The thing that killes it for me is all that white space i see. Why dont you fill it up more for higher resolutiong people. I think it would look great.
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Jun 14th 2004#153278 Report
Member since: Jan 21st 2002
Posts: 69
welcome to the hell on earth ;) enjoy your stay and take a cookie

The site is like soooooooooo many others, nothing special on it... i think its a preety clear design (too rough edges and too strong cuts as a little negative point here), but nothing that brings this WOW-Effect to the user...

Keep on working, everything will be fine in the end ;)

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Jun 14th 2004#153306 Report
Member since: Jun 13th 2004
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deleted by user
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Jun 15th 2004#153391 Report
Member since: Apr 15th 2002
Posts: 1130
Don't be scared of the white.. white is good.. Too many trouble themselves with "how to get rid of the white", instead of "how to use the white". ..

- As for the site...
I agree that it's nothing with a "wow-effect", but i still think it's pretty decent if you're new to doing this kind og thing..

Also, i can't specify any "vital" things for you to add on the site, I'd rather encourage you to either try redoing the whole idea/concept, or try getting some inspiration around the net.

.. And welcome to the board :]
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