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Jun 3rd 2004#152343 Report
Member since: Jun 2nd 2004
Posts: 124
I have two sites up and running atm (tho one is just a splash + file/photogallery).
One of these are
This is like a.. webdesign firm for me.
I just want to know what you think about the design on it.
I tried to keep it clean and simple, since I dont want that heavy graphics on that site. I save that for It's done with Photoshop, Digital Camera and PHP.

So.. Let me have it ;)

Site here
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Jun 3rd 2004#152367 Report
Member since: Jul 27th 2003
Posts: 27
If I was to buy a web design from someone, I'd at least want to see that they can make a good site themselves. That means have the firm's site look fantastic itself, rather than just leave the portfolio to do the talking. I saw a site the other day, I'm having trouble remembering who they were, but I think they did a Lego site or two, and some other high-profile things, and not only was their portfolio amazing, their site itself was one of the best I've seen, ever. The buttons at the top aren't immedietly apparent. Not just where they go, but that they're buttons at all. They look part of the logo, on such a simple site I was looking for text links because it would have fit in with the site 'ethos' or whatever.

The site itself is far too bland. I was bored just looking at it. tropheestudios wasn't working at the time of writing, and your portfolio isn't up yet, so I have no idea what you're capable of.
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