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meh new site

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May 31st 2004#152008 Report
Member since: Sep 29th 2003
Posts: 1496

It is pretty much done, suggestions on what to change? Comments on what is good? (if any. :p) Anything would be appreciated, thx!
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May 31st 2004#152010 Report
Member since: Jan 11th 2004
Posts: 32
I think you did a good job, the only thing I have to comment on, is that the background pattern(on the sides) reminds me of old people for some reason... Good Job Chris, and dont let the crocodiles get ya :p
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May 31st 2004#152014 Report
Member since: Sep 29th 2003
Posts: 1496
/me runs from huge crocodiles. Yeah, the background does look OLD, oh well, I think it still looks good.
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May 31st 2004#152020 Report
Member since: Aug 12th 2002
Posts: 1693
Hihi this looks a bit familiar in some way :P
But it's's nice to see that I am able to inspire other people too.
Yeah as said the bg looks a bit too much like a k10k bg.
But I don't know what you should put instead.
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May 31st 2004#152028 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
Posts: 1977
Im not sure how i feel about the auto-resize popups. Maybe if you just cut down the javascript so it pops up normally....and in the url pass the image width and a default height value like 600 er something....(or just write it into an array) . I think its more annoying (or atleast unexpected) than just waiting for a jpg to load. Other than that its cool. Where'd you get the header photo? I love it...its so moody lol.

Actually another might be worth centering the navigation as most the visual weight is on the right.....that way when you look up the navigation is right there.

edit: And another though lol. If you centered the nav then it would conflict with the right now you have a nice vertical line going on through the layout...and a diagonal would kill that. You could move "version 1" up though.... like into the right edge of the header, that may balance out the navigation.

thats enough from me lol
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May 31st 2004#152038 Report
Member since: Sep 29th 2003
Posts: 1496
Thx Rodder, that pop-up script was the one I had on hand, but I understand what you mean. As for the nav, I think it looks good on the left, it is just my style, thx for the suggestion though.
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May 31st 2004#152052 Report
Member since: May 22nd 2004
Posts: 21
just a very very little thing...the "version 1" thing should either be changed to something like "v.1" or v1 or just put it somewhere off of the banner ... looks weird..but otherwise..gj
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