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Re designed

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May 28th 2004#151708 Report
Member since: Jan 6th 2004
Posts: 250
hey people i re did my site, comments welcome...not much content on it yet but im working on it...
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May 28th 2004#151712 Report
Member since: Aug 12th 2002
Posts: 1693
hi there infamous.
I like the update! :D
2 things that bothers me a bit.
The background gets cut of really wierd.
It would be really nice if it would actually be a bg for the whole site and not just a square.
Second thing is the bg on the navigation...
why so "edgy" make them look like it would be black ink behind the links.
The scroller on goodies should be black or white, if you are going to use colors...

Nice :D
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May 28th 2004#151719 Report
Member since: Feb 17th 2003
Posts: 2450
hey it's a nice layout. I agree to the bg getting cut off kinda abruptly. Great improvement though
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May 28th 2004#151753 Report
Member since: May 13th 2003
Posts: 644
yeah nice improvement. I dont like the fonts and type face of the content itself, but i like all the graffity stuff.
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