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[WIP] Personal Portfolio

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May 27th 2004#151648 Report
Member since: Nov 10th 2003
Posts: 129
I tried to be a trendwhore and make one of those "cute" designs. I have been trying for a while now to make a portfolio that I really like, I don't know if this is it yet. Personally it isn't my favorite, but I thought I could take some pointers if I choose to make another site along these lines further down the road.

Oh, and it is really messed up, only half the pages are complete, and some of the site gets messed up at certain times, i.e. when you go into a section other than home and mouseover portfolio...

Sorry for the slow host, critique me!
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May 27th 2004#151654 Report
Member since: May 7th 2004
Posts: 8
That's pretty good for a 16 year old. When I was sixteen I couldnt turn on the computer let alone write code.

My only suggestion would be find one style attribute and incorporate it thoughout the site. By this I mean go with the either circles, arrows, or 3d cubes. Having all of the seems to be a little confusing. But all around I like it.
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May 27th 2004#151655 Report
Member since: Nov 10th 2003
Posts: 129
Thanks Juicebox, I should show you some of my other work. Personally, I dont think this is near my best, but I thought it looked cool so I kept it.
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May 28th 2004#151671 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
Posts: 1977
As a general tip: Dont be a whore. Now im not saying this because i hate "trendwhores", im saying this because its your portfolio.....the site should be about you and reflect your idea's. Also being a whore your kinda setting yourself up to fail....cause you may not be able to achieve as much quality as other whores. If you go your own cant fail.

As to the site :

- The main text is way too small and white text is very hard to pull off. Also the italics add to the contrast created from small white text. If you remove the italics and bump up the text size......then you can pull off white colored text much easier.

- The nav fonts a little strange. You want the nav as legible as can be...cause if someone cant navigate your site....then what good is the content.

- Also i agree with juicebox about sticking to "one style attribute".

Overall though.....not a bad start.
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