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Back Again (Again) with rj_gfx

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Apr 21st 2004#148531 Report
Member since: Apr 21st 2004
Posts: 6
Hi all!
This is like the 4th time I come back to Team Photoshop. I think some of you
may remember me as Zenon / SequenCe. Ive only been at deviantart for the
last year. And before that I didnt have the time to have a homepage / gallery.

Just a question while I post: Is CTRL+Z still here?

For the web site showcase I present: - rj_gfx v1.0

As I written on the site Im not that satisfied with the design,
I might change it later but the main point with the site is to
have a gallery, a home again! So I would like som critique anyhow.

Kjell-Roger aka rj!
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Apr 21st 2004#148574 Report
Member since: May 13th 2003
Posts: 644
Hey welcome/welcomeback...
About the site, The one thing i dont like is all the "black" space you get when you see it at high resolution. You should try to fill the whole screen fpr a user, bayme use a background that will "stretch" for people with high resolution screens.
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Apr 21st 2004#148577 Report
Member since: Apr 20th 2004
Posts: 5
I like the background, its very different and unique. I like that. :D
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Apr 21st 2004#148586 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
Posts: 1977
Ive only been at deviantart for the
last year.

Ouch. Should have stayed here. IMO dev's not one of the better communities.

As to the site:

- I like the blue. I also love the high contrast makes it more interesting.

- One of the biggest problems though, is the screened back BG for content!! Rarely is that ever useful. Also with your text being white, it adds even more contrast. The same goes for the subnav. I think bringing back the bg to 100% and leaving that little strip of image would be better. Reason being it crops the pic and creates more interest (nevermind making the layout easier on the eye/user). I mean half of that bg pic is kinda boring anyway. You've already exposed the good part of the why complicate things?

- Your nav & header are alone. They dont quite fit with each other, or really with the rest of the layout, especially with that much negative space around them. Something needs to be done......they need some kind of relationship that will form 1 solid layout, rather than a layout and a few other elements thrown in.

- Suggestion : Square off the navigation because
1: no where else (except the logo) do you have anything round in your layout
2: your nav font is sqaure
3: your subnav is square
4 You could extend the sides & drop down the header on top of it...which would make for a solid layout.
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