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Seek-Design V3

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Apr 20th 2004#148471 Report
Member since: Jan 12th 2004
Posts: 10
What you think of V3 of my site???
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Apr 20th 2004#148474 Report
Member since: May 12th 2003
Posts: 1088
its grey and has no banner. . . hmmm.. . . very creative ;) , lol
im guessing somethings wrong with the banner?
but if the grey is correct, there is not alot to comment on. . . besides your work

the sigs ~ are huge imo, but i do like the blue one, could use a little less contrast
the websites and the seek designs, arnt working unfortunatly. . .

~~ mikey
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Apr 20th 2004#148478 Report
Member since: Jul 27th 2003
Posts: 27
There's nothing fundamentally wrong as such, it's just so boring. My eyes didn't know where they should be looking, as it has no real gravity. The buttons scroller is a bad idea because they can all almost fit on the same page, if not width-wise you could slap them down the right hand side seeing as it is mostly wasted space anyway. Not only that, but it would bring some colour to more of the page rather than tucking it away at the top. Also, when I saw that banner for Furious Host, well it was like my eyes had found an oasis of colour in a sea of boring. You've got some of the skills, I'm just not sure you have the eye for design?
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