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Photoshop Troubleshooting

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Apr 14th 2004#147970 Report
Member since: May 8th 2002
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This is my problem:

I installed some new fonts on my pc, so I open Photoshop, type some text and start going though my list of fonts. The text is changing font faces as I go thorough the list but it doesn't let me go though the entire list of fonts. It will bring me back to the top of my list. If I start in the middle of my list, it works fine for about 15 fonts then it brings me back to my list. I never had this problem before, maybe its the new fonts I installed but im wondering if anyone has had this problem before. If so can you tell me how to fix this issue .

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Apr 14th 2004#147980 Report
Member since: Aug 6th 2003
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I can't say I have had this particular problem, but I would guess it has something to do with the fonts. I'm sure this isnt very helpful, but maybe this post should be moved to a troubleshooting forum.
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