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Yet another website

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Apr 13th 2004#147903 Report
Member since: Mar 11th 2004
Posts: 147
As I am about to enter the Art Academy I am pretty busy designing all kinds of stuff. Yesterday I came up with this website idea and I've just finished the layout.

There is nothing in there yet, so don't bother waiting for any content to load or clicking any links (off course you can hoover them ).

Please tell me what you think, I'm quite content about it.


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Apr 13th 2004#147924 Report
Member since: Jul 18th 2001
Posts: 102
I like your layout. It is nice, clean, and simple.

Wont take much work to keep it up and running.

I like

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Apr 13th 2004#147934 Report
Member since: Sep 6th 2001
Posts: 3893
I kindof have mixed feeling about the entire thing. Heres a few things I like about it and a few things that I dont :P

1. I like the header of the page, although it probably has nothing to do with the content of the page ;)

2. I dont like the width of the entire things. Its rather thin and at 1600x1200 its a little to small for my liking.

3. I like the content boxes with the little drop shadow under them. Looks really great and its simple and easy on the eyes.

4. I dont like the color sheme, the colors IMO clash a little and make for a rather, to me, untastefull appearence. Not saying that the entire site is crap, i just dont like the colors :p

5. Im not really sure how i feel about the ++++ checkers or pluses. They are kindof trendy and throw off the simplicity of the content boxes, which look good.

Overall, with a few changes here and there I think it will be great :D
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Apr 14th 2004#147982 Report
Member since: Mar 11th 2004
Posts: 147
Thanks for your comment guys, appreciated.

I agree with the things you said x-f-x, and I've changed some already. Don't know if it makes it any better but I kinda like it myself. Thanks again.

Anyone else got something to say. Even if it is the worst site you have ever seen and probably ever will see ;)
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Apr 15th 2004#148017 Report
Member since: Mar 25th 2002
Posts: 1143
I disagree with the seperation of content that you currently have. I appreciate that you are striving for something that is a little more unusual, but I think that straying too far from conventions makes for a more uncomfortable experience.

I also do not like the bold delineation between the three colours, moreso the use of orange and red next to eachother, they are not complimentary.

The addition of the blue bar looks like a last minute appendage rather than anything that was really considered. What's it purpose? If it's to look pretty then I think that it has failed on that account and I don't see that it benefits the site in any way. Just a style issue though at the end of the day - if you like it, keep it.

Other than the obvious questions such as, why do you have a picture of a woman in a bikini on the header of your page? You pupport to be a design site and whilst a lot of design may be based around the exploitation* of women, surely the women in the header is pretty much of an irrelevance?

The three content catagories are also a little limiting, but that can be adjusted when needed I suppose.

So many people these days don't bother, so I don't know why I do, however your logo should point to the homepage url. Most people ignore that convention these days though.

I don't by any means hate it or really dislike it. Sorry to come off negative sounding and I hope you can tolerate me shooting from the hip.

*There are arguments against this such as a womans free right to choose, I accept those as given already.
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Apr 15th 2004#148033 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
Posts: 1977
I didnt quite read everything above, so i'll tell you what i like instead of listing whats wrong.

1) The Nav. I love the nav......well.....its not my style......but its different!! I also really like how the buttons relate to each other, rather than being side by side like every other nav on earth. If anything, its interesting/an eyegrabber which is good cause being a nav you want to draw attention to it.

2) The colored lines. The colors suck (sorry, too 1970's in my opinion) but the lines lead your eye from the nav to the content. It creates good flow! Im not sure drawing them like that (ie down the page & alternating) is the best choice, but thats ok cause the idea is good, so you can always display the idea differently later.

Overall.....well its not a great layout. But dont let that stop you cause you have good ideas to work with and your ideas are unique. I say try a couple diff. variations of this layout and see what you can come up with. Post em here even.

1 tip though : The chicks hot but remove it if your going to show anything to the Art Academy. Especially if your advisor/interview is a woman.....then your screwed! Unless you can turn this site into a online swimsuit store, then your in the clear (almost).
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