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Apr 13th 2004#147878 Report
Member since: Aug 12th 2002
Posts: 1693
I actually have to agree with Supahsekzy on this one.
If the site is more "eyecandish" with 3d stuff imo it really fits with mouseOvers, but when it's simplicity that's the key word I think it doesn't have to be there.

And about coming out with a new site...
I know what you mean, I have been working with my new portfolio for ages but I keep changing it all the time because I'm not satisfied.
Now I have 32 days left before it has to be done so now I really have to just stick with one and code it.
Even tough I won't be 100% satisfied with it.
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Apr 23rd 2004#148714 Report
Member since: Apr 21st 2004
Posts: 6
agree with the rest. Simplicity OWNS!
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