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Please look and comment...

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Apr 8th 2004#147474 Report
Member since: Dec 20th 2003
Posts: 19
Just wanted to know what you guys think of my site... I would love some feedback on the colors font whatever...

Thanks Guys,
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Apr 8th 2004#147484 Report
Member since: Apr 20th 2002
Posts: 3000
Make it so that your grungy background in the center doesn't tile; at resolutions above 10 by 7 it repeats. On top of that, you made the Updates text align to the right of the screen, so if one had a larger res or a smaller res than 1024, the text will end up far far away or over your grungy background, repsectively.

There's a small ~4px gap between the tan and the black line in Opera.

Colors are very dull, and the font for the nav isn't all too great either. The nav should be text; the rollover arrow effect can be achieved easily through CSS (although some tweaking is involved for consistency among various browsers).

If I remember what your previous attempts were like, this is an improvement, good job. However, this doesn't mean stop making layouts. I think you should either keep this one if you like it, or remake lots of 'em and choose the one you like. This way, in the end, you'll start to get the hang of it and your work will start to develop further.
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Apr 10th 2004#147731 Report
Member since: Mar 17th 2003
Posts: 19
My subjective constructive criticism
Dragging the mouse between the menu links (on the far left) and the submenulinks (on the far right) is annoying. *woosh* *woosh*. Furthermore; I was expecting something to appear in the middle of the page where the background image is, but it remained empty. Why?
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Apr 11th 2004#147743 Report
Member since: May 22nd 2003
Posts: 315
Its ok, It just looks like some simple rollovers and a few grunge fonts...

I really think if you added some more weird grungy things around the page, maybe a little more color and you would be some where!

my two cents...
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Apr 12th 2004#147791 Report
Member since: Dec 20th 2003
Posts: 19
Trying a new layout... I am just making them and putting them up to see what you guys think is good about each one then I will combine them all

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Apr 12th 2004#147793 Report
Member since: Mar 20th 2001
Posts: 3367
Make an actual thumbnail instead of linking and resizing the actual image for your portfolio. Spell check your website too - "Freinds Links..."

Too much space not used.. Simple, but its very empty.
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Apr 12th 2004#147809 Report
Member since: Aug 6th 2003
Posts: 53
Im a firm believer in having some of your work on the main page. Something to hold people's attention. Maybe think about putting one of your favorite shots on the front page?
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