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Mar 25th 2004#146274 Report
Member since: Jun 11th 2003
Posts: 5
Hello, friendly people at the teamphotoshop forum!

I'm making a little site, and I would love to hear what you guys think of it, what you dont like and what you think I should change. It's for a small design company.
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Mar 25th 2004#146280 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
Posts: 1977
- The header is a bit bland. Maybe center the text vert. if thats all thats going there. I also dont really like the fade on the header. I mean if your going for the high contrast / hitek should stay that way, and the fade turns it into more of an image than like mechanical parts (if that makes sense lol....i dunno how to describe it)

- The nav BG is way too dark, especially for that text. Maybe lighten it a tiny bit and tint it blue.

- the color orange.....where did it come from?? Yes orange looks good on gray (ive done that many times) but you dont have any other orange on your layout. Your color scheme is black/white/blue & red, so try replacing the orange with red. Maybe a dark/rich red for readability, though with text that shouldnt be too much of a problem.
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Mar 25th 2004#146286 Report
Member since: Sep 29th 2003
Posts: 1496
I agree with everything Rodder said. The orange... if you are going to have red in the header, try to make the orange a red color. I love the site thought, very fresh and original idea.
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Mar 25th 2004#146318 Report
Member since: Jun 20th 2003
Posts: 1203
I don't get where that electronic stuff on the edges of the header came from. Do some cell-shading filters in PS on that so it becomes more smooth, and maybe add some diffuse glow to it. It kind of sticks out.

On the orange text, change the color ( and fix the kerning so the letters don't collide. It's kind of hard to read.

I like the header but I agree with the colors on the nav (both the bg and the text color).

Check out
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Mar 26th 2004#146379 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
Posts: 1977
and fix the kerning so the letters don't collide

good point! they are really close now that i look at it. Maybe w/ the kerning you could knock down the point size would fit better.
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Mar 30th 2004#146745 Report
Member since: Sep 6th 2001
Posts: 3893
I think the overall layout looks pretty good, but rodder (and a few others) did have some good points. I think maybe adding some more 'eyecandy' to the header it will make the entire site look much better. Nice work though and welcome to the forums.
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