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Raindesign ver 3

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Mar 18th 2004#145654 Report
Member since: Mar 4th 2004
Posts: 20
Ok i've redesigned my site its not finished yet but i'd be grateful for ya feedback.
Tell me what ya really think not any watered down versions.

Raindesign 3
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Mar 18th 2004#145668 Report
Member since: Jul 19th 2003
Posts: 810
please no.... Purple really sint a kind colour..... !!! specially allllll purple and then a bit of blue.

I think that site would look good if you changed the font for the things like "shoutbox" and stuff... to a sensible.. Sans Serif one. like verdana :D (verdana is the bestest)

Another thing you should do is to take that semi transparent text out of the main content area... it is really amateur and also really distracting to the eye...

Finally... I would change the colour scheme of your site..... Maybe to something like Orange and Dark grey.... but dont go over the top on either of them!!.... also... put a little bit of white in there somewhere

Hoipe that helps

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Mar 18th 2004#145673 Report
Member since: Mar 4th 2004
Posts: 20
I'll take those into consideration.
The transparent text isn't on the site as a static object its just on the image to say its mine.
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