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My Portfolio Website

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Mar 14th 2004#145287 Report
Member since: Mar 14th 2004
Posts: 1
Please review It's my online protfolio.

Let me know of anything you dislike or any errors you find. Most importantally, would you hire me based on it?

Please Note: I am aware that the link to a full list of my work does not work.

Thank you.

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Mar 14th 2004#145288 Report
Member since: Sep 29th 2003
Posts: 1496
I like it a lot, and welcome to the boards. It is very clean, very simple, I sure would hire you if I needed to hire someone. Great job, keep up the work.
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Mar 14th 2004#145290 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
Posts: 1977
Most importantally, would you hire me based on it?

Possibly, though maybe not. In my opinion, thats the wrong reason to design. Yeah a first impression is good, but you should design to promote your work or promote your self rather than design for a quick wow or a pretty face. You shouldnt be asking whether you'll be hired from it. You should be asking whether its an effective site and does justice to your work.

One thing i dont like is your sub-navigation. I dont like how if i want to view a pic at the beginning, and then view one on the end, I have to wait for the transition of every image in between. Its wasting the visitors time. There is 7 seconds between your first and last...and thats quite a bit. Thats similar in time to viewing 3 images in your port seperatly.

I also dont like you background color. Its adds uneccessary contrast to your layout and tones down the effectiveness of the color. The red really acts as an "informative" element on your site. The red points to your logo, the red tells you what section your in, the red tells you what image your viewing, the red say what you do "web print programming", the red is your email address too. I wouldnt disturb that or risk confusing the visitor. You probably would be better off with a light green (like on the site) or a light greenish gray. Take a look at #ACB3B4 and see what you think.

Also, your right margin is about 2-3 pixels wider than the left. Im sure that can be fixed easy enough.

The crits may sound kinda harsh (sorry) but overall its not a bad site. Its simple....which is always good! Except for the bg, its a nice, easy alternating colorscheme (warm-cool). I like the consistency between the nav and the logo.... and the shape of the site. Overall its a good job, it just can be tweaked a little.

......and after i kinda chewed your head off a little, welcome to the forums! (lol). Tips: Dont take anything personal and stay & learn!
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Mar 14th 2004#145291 Report
Member since: Sep 6th 2001
Posts: 3893
First off... welcome to the boards ;)

Secondly, I think your site looks pretty darn good. I like the colors of the site, but like rodder said the background is rather bright and contrasts with the actual content a little to much, maybe go with a darker red color or the light grey/green like rodder said.

Another thing that rodder said that I too agree on is the subnavigation that you have on there, I too dont like how if you want to see something that is not next in line you have to wait for all of the projects to scroll through.

Dont get me wrong man... the site is good, there are just a few small things that if fixed it would be great.

Nice work and again... welcome to TEAMPS :D
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Mar 14th 2004#145304 Report
Member since: May 21st 2002
Posts: 537
very well laid out imo.

And it's very easy to find out what I'd need to know if I wanted to hire you.
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