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Notorious Enterprises

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Mar 13th 2004#145270 Report
Member since: Mar 12th 2004
Posts: 5
This is where the whole thing started:

I wanted to learn how to make more complex graphics and layouts. I spent well over 7 or 8 hours yesterday working on the site.

I think I've improved on my graphic skills a bit.

What do you think? Any good? Just one thing. I'm using mouseovers for the menu & how can I make it load and respond faster? The mouseovers seem to be very slow. Thanks!
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Mar 13th 2004#145275 Report
Member since: Oct 16th 2003
Posts: 717
kind of looks like an undeground warez site to me. it's really to dark to be corporate and i'm guessing you'd want it more corporate since your trying to sell services. that bottom area with the zigzaggy stuff looks off from the rest of the design elements and i think doesn't need to be there.
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Mar 13th 2004#145277 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
Posts: 1690

It's the return of star burst and those funky polygon things!


On a serious've improved somewhat...but if you are going for a corporate look, black is is threatening. You want soothing and sureal.

I've been doing graphic/webdesign off and on for nearly 5 years now. I haven't perfected my skills at all, primarily because I do not use them as much as some of the others here. Basically, the more you keep at it, the better you will get. It comes with time. Finally, don't spend 7 or 8 hours sitting at a computer diddling with graphics and layouts. Your eyes will get tired, your fingers will go numb and you won't like what you have done after you come back to it.

Do what I do. Read, take a nap, watch some tv...go to work...take another nap. Since my promotion at work, I code html and build technical documents all day...the last thing I want to do when I get home is stare at my own work. It's a gradual thing...I'm not sure if I have ever finished a site....
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Mar 13th 2004#145280 Report
Member since: Mar 12th 2004
Posts: 5

Thanks for the input guys. It's not going to be a main site for selling my services. I have cold callers setup that get all my work for me. In fact, I have a portfolio on our main company site that brings in most of my business. Think of the site as more of a personal/creative site rather then a site that was made for selling services. I will have my services posted on this site but that isn't my main objective. Thanks!
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