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Mar 11th 2004#145084 Report
Member since: Mar 11th 2004
Posts: 147
Please tell me what you think

And oh, that pop-up should be centered but I have no clue on how to do that, so if someone could please tell mee I'd really appreciate it
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Mar 11th 2004#145086 Report
Member since: Apr 15th 2002
Posts: 244
I think on the actual page, there are too many different colors, like i dont know why but the red and the orange doesn't look good, also that green, i would have stuck to maybe just orange and blue or green and blue or something, not read though, also where the menu is, on the left of that they have the words Love, Art & Poetry i think, well that doesn't look good there, it takes away from the actual menu you gotta click and it makes you look to both sides when you really just want them looking at the menu options, looks decent other than that though man! Actually gives me ideas for what I want my new layout to be, cause im stuck where i want mine going!
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Mar 11th 2004#145088 Report
Member since: Oct 16th 2003
Posts: 717
hey there, welcome to the forum.
i'm a little confused by the imagry on the page. is that you on the photographs? because to me, the one on the left looks like some homeless guy is about to spray the girl in the face and take her purse. hmm, correct me if i'm wrong. also, i don't see what all the love stuff has to do with geassel studios. so right now it looks like a mix of a few things which don't quite fit together.
as for the design. yor navigation links aren't very readable. they should be a brighter color on a dark blue background like that. maybe you can even scrap the generic text and come up with some cool buttons to go with the curved lines you've got going on on the left. on the very top, there's too much space between geassel=====7. i don't think that has to span the entire width of the site. and it's not very obvious when made that wide.
overall i'd like to see this site developed much further and i want to see where the message on it will go. it might actually be quite a nice site.
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Mar 11th 2004#145091 Report
Member since: May 12th 2003
Posts: 1088
i like the way you've used the colors, i think u have a good idea there flow with it, but the silly stick man and women have to be done in PS or not put on at all because they look naff {like they have been done in mspaint,which they prob have, lol might want to smooth out the navigation as said, stick with the heart thou i like the way its split, the content could go where the funny man is using a spray can and the latest news or shoutbox could go on the right, { with the heart not moving , so that its always visible

edit{oh btw you have to use tags for your sig to work

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Mar 12th 2004#145121 Report
Member since: Aug 28th 2001
Posts: 970
Too many colors for me.
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Mar 12th 2004#145162 Report
Member since: Mar 11th 2004
Posts: 147
Thanks for all your replies.

About the colors I think you are all right, a little overdone. The layout was intended to be "fast", but after examining your replies I must admit it kinda looks like a circus now. I think I'll cut the green, should make a major difference if I change it to one of the other main colors. Red stays, I am a redman.

@ Kranekick - The guy on the image is not me, its a random person wich I thought to look well on the current theme. Seems to be a loving man and an artist, holding the spray can and all. Geassel has nothing to do with love and Poetry, but I intend to use various different subjects on each page. Geassel is just everything and the site is not what it seems. The poem on the left is not readable, and it shouldn't be cause the lyrics are not what you expect them to:

I woke early one morning
The Earth lay cool and still
When suddenly a tiny bird
Perched on my window sill

He sang a song so lovely
So carefree and so gay
That slowly all my troubles
Began to slip away

He sang of far off places
Of laughter and of fun
It seemed his very trilling
Brought up the morning sun

I stirred beneath the covers
Crept slowly out of bed
Then gently shut the window
And crushed his ****ing head

Also, all that the stick GUY is thinking about is boobies, but all that should be implented later. The stick figures should make a comic through the different pages. Last page hell should be unleashed :D

@ Mikey - I know about the stick figures, they look fcked up, but can't get them right. I don't want the outline to be to thick, but no tho blurry either, it's a dilemma. And sine I am a perfectionist, it'll take a while till it's solved. I'll try though. And I can certainly not take them out; they ARE geassel. I even call them Geassel and Geaselle...:D. And you are right about the content etc area, that was what I was thinkin. Pretty obvious

I'll take you comments and work on. Have to learn flash from scratch though, so it'll take a while...
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