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Trial of New Design

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Mar 9th 2004#144853 Report
Member since: Oct 28th 2003
Posts: 10
Hey Y'all,

Just been workin on this project, this site atm has no real purpose. It was originally just going to be the photo gallery but I got bored. Anyway..

Just wanna know what you think about the design, layout, colours, nav etc.
I'm hoping to maybe turn this into a bit of a showcase for my work if I can get it to a level I'm happy with. But at the moment it's under development.

So, let me know what u think.

Here 'tis

Sorry, the server is a bit slow at times (I think, could just be I'm so far away from it.)
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Mar 9th 2004#144856 Report
Member since: May 12th 2003
Posts: 1088
three words

simple , clearcut and boring,
wheres the life? it looks like a template u can make in frontpage, the site is averaging about 345bs (not kbs), so im sorry didnt actually get to look at the content (im on ISDN)
as for the layouts theres nothing to it, just a blue strip with content,

edit { change your host ;), i can give u a list of free one's or you could check out the resource section
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Mar 9th 2004#144912 Report
Member since: Jun 3rd 2003
Posts: 1867
it's not really that simple actually, (not a good thing.) You need to work on your color scheme. I've never been a big fan of black with white text over it, and then you added a blue gradient that just doesn't work.

Even changing the bg to white would make the site 100 times better.
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Mar 10th 2004#144925 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
Posts: 223
Draw your whole site in photoshop before even thinking of HTML. That'll help you create something that is less boring and more of a whole. Now you just made a Big B logo, opened up a HTML-editor and started screwing around.

Also, the background does not need to be an image, in fact, images on a background are irritating when not done right. Instead, use images on your header and footer, get something going up there...
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Mar 10th 2004#145003 Report
Member since: Jan 16th 2003
Posts: 236
Not bad for the skilllevel he is at..... Good job for what you know so far BigB, But browe the net for an hour or so everynight just to get an idea of good design and color schemeing.
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