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First real website, need some critique.

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Mar 8th 2004#144766 Report
Member since: Mar 8th 2004
Posts: 20
Allright, first post in these forums... be gentle with me

I'm in the making of my first real website, it's just for a band i'm playing with.. but I still want to make it decent. It still needs some work, but i'm not really sure what would look good/bad. I still have to optimize it for other browsers I think.

So if you please could give some advice and I'd be greatful!

[edit] Also, the guestbook i'm using at the moment is horrible, could someone link me to a place where I can find a fitting guestbook? [edit]

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Mar 8th 2004#144768 Report
Member since: May 12th 2003
Posts: 1088
well its dark, its not much to go on. . . if its about your band make a logo and place it in the banner, to be honest its boring, theres nothing to look at execept the banner at the top, i suggest u drop the banner and conten box into the middle and put a light clean pattern as the bakgroud, get rid of the rough edges on the banner clean it up remove the barbed wire , design a logo slap it on there, and add some color
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Mar 8th 2004#144769 Report
Member since: Aug 12th 2002
Posts: 1693
Hi and welcome to the forum...
First...where are you from?
I think this is pretty good actually for a first site.
I'm not the biggest fan of black and white sites or mostly I don't like the background as black...Seems to plain somehow...
But not really sure which color would fit in better either...
I would maybe have the site so that it would have scrolled the whole page but I guess that's a everyones own taste.
Well all in all pretty nice.
Maybe someone else can up with some more stuff?
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Mar 8th 2004#144773 Report
Member since: Mar 8th 2004
Posts: 20
Thanks for the feedback so far.

I'm from Finland, not sure how many other finnish people browse around here

I'm not satisfied with the top of the page, it looks too empty with just that barbed wire and the name, but I havent been able to come up with anything nice enough just yet.

I was trying out a bunch of color schemes to go with white, and somehow found simple black to just make you focus on the text area.. a simple texture would perhaps work aswell.

Anyway, keep the feedback coming, it will only do me good.
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Mar 8th 2004#144774 Report
Member since: Aug 12th 2002
Posts: 1693
Though so...
The names of the band members sounded so familiar :P
Here is one more finnish forum member and there are at least 2 more lurking around somewhere...
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Mar 8th 2004#144776 Report
Member since: Mar 8th 2004
Posts: 20
Woah, it's a small world ;)
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