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frosted ice web mockups

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Feb 27th 2004#143788 Report
Member since: May 13th 2002
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Feb 27th 2004#143790 Report
Member since: Sep 29th 2003
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I like #3 a lot. And btw: you are not supposed to link to pictures... it is very harsh on the 56k people.
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Feb 27th 2004#143792 Report
Member since: Aug 29th 2003
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[QUOTE=Chrisz0rz]I like #3 a lot. [/QUOTE]

hmm, I find that one quite boring actually. I would definately go work some more on #1 or #4. Both really kewl layouts. I don't have any suggestions at this time, cuz they look great.
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Feb 28th 2004#143796 Report
Member since: Mar 25th 2002
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"a company dealing in diamonds manufacture"

So you make carbon? ;)
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Feb 28th 2004#143803 Report
Member since: Feb 23rd 2004
Posts: 8
i'd go with #4
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Feb 28th 2004#143809 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
Posts: 1977
My fav. is #2. The reason being its more organized for the average user, the ppl looking for catalogs or gift ideas etc.

#1 is my next fav. It has a more proffessional upscale feel to it.

#3 I dont like. I think the nav breaks up the layout in a strange way......and even though the "curve" mimics a ring, it doesnt mimic a diamond (the hard angles etc). Also the curve makes me want to look down.....therefore bypassing the content that would be on the right side.

#4 is also nice. Though its a bit busy. Thats not bad depends more on the audience. It has a more "amazon"/ business a big site that will have millions of users buying items left and right.

#5 too simple. It needs colors to attract ppl and graphics etc. It feels more like a hallmark card site than a diamond seller.

Overall....pretty nice!! Good colors, graphics/fonts ect. I cant tell you which to go'll just have to decide from my observations which fits the goals better.

Now for crits:

- Layout #2. The woman on the facing left. Therefore it would be better if you put her on the she's looking at the content...which will point visitors in the same direction. Like with the hand on layout #1.....notice how the arm/hand seems to point you directly to the navigation. Its the same idea.

-Layout #4....would benefit from a footer or a simple horiz. rule. Just something is needed to "end" the columns/layout.
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Feb 28th 2004#143859 Report
Member since: Mar 29th 2003
Posts: 1326
#4 is definitely the one I would work on more. I like the header - its extremely professional and very nice. I also like the content, with the 5 pieces of jewlery and the headings and the text all evely spaced and very consistent. The consistency is what makes it look good. But I dont really like the 5 link areas - theyre all different colors and heights and font sizes and the headings dont differ from the links enough. Im not sure how to get around that, but make it more consistent and you're good. Maybe move the 5 rings, etc. up and then add the horizontal rule that rodder was talking about and then have a space on the left for navigation, and a spot on the right for content and news, etc. I dont see any html text in any of those - what does that mean? Is the whole site just images?

Theyre all nice and professional, but there are some things that turn me off. #4 is the best, however - hands down. ;) :D
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Feb 28th 2004#143864 Report
Member since: May 13th 2002
Posts: 60
thanks for the comments guys ^-^

here's what the client think about them:

he likes 1-3 but feel they are kind of too similar, and he wants to see different approaches to see how it compares

he likes the header in 4, but very much dislikes the lines coming down .. *that's actually my favorite part :p*

as for 5 he likes it best actually want wants me to work some more on that ..

i'm gonna try to spice that last one up and see how that goes with the client, although I may also work on 4 and just add that to my portfolio .. :p

no html here, im just at the mockup phase, once the client approves i'll slice them up and start coding.

the problem with #2, is that the client felt it more like an advertisement instead of an online store. he wanted it to be like a website where visitors can just come in and starts shopping right away. for #4 if i do work on that some more i'll definitely put a horizontal bar at the end.

lemme ask that to my client eh ? :p

sorry, err i'm kind of new here, so how should I post images if not through links?

thanks all for the feedback, once it's up i'll get some more comments from u all
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Mar 1st 2004#143981 Report
Member since: Sep 6th 2001
Posts: 3893
My fav's are #1 and #2... the rest are good, but 1 and 2 just look really good

As for the problem with #2, you could have the main page be just like that and design something a little different for the "content" of the site. Something that has the same style and feel, but more room for the content.

They are all pretty good though :D Nice work.
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Mar 1st 2004#144000 Report
Member since: Oct 16th 2003
Posts: 717
i think #3 has the most originality with its layout and the nav links look cool up there. i'd like to see that one developed more and see how you can extend the content area within it and incorporate the curved lines there.
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