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Niss Designs...

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Feb 21st 2004#143061 Report
Member since: Feb 21st 2004
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Feb 21st 2004#143062 Report
Member since: Apr 20th 2002
Posts: 3000
We're going to assume you want us to C&C it, so here we go.

Change the font from default on your news section, and get rid of the ugly default link colors as well. Your links section breaks up when it stretches out too much, you might want to fix your coding or set a tiling background for bars on the side. And work out a thumbnail or textual link system for your gallery; having it pop up in another window using a gallery script isn't advisable, try to keep everything in one window and with one archetypal scheme.
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Feb 21st 2004#143063 Report
Member since: Feb 21st 2004
Posts: 4
Thanks for the tip
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Feb 22nd 2004#143104 Report
Member since: Mar 28th 2001
Posts: 1109
1. less fonts
2. learn css
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Feb 22nd 2004#143128 Report
Member since: Mar 25th 2002
Posts: 1143
I think my advice would be learn to walk before you can run. It is plain that your skills do not match your projected plans, it would seem more sensible (maybe less fun) to grasp the fundementals before offering design services.
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Feb 22nd 2004#143148 Report
Member since: Feb 21st 2004
Posts: 4
Actually, web design consists of more than just the html and css. I am leaning more to photoshop,etc...I do know a little,another guy made the site and it has only been up like a week.I still have alot to do to it to get it the way I want it and the way it should be.I appreciate the tips
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Feb 22nd 2004#143160 Report
Member since: Oct 16th 2003
Posts: 717
the layout needs allignment help. like your 2 content boxes are not alligned with the top components and they are spaced too far from eachother. also, you have card corner edjes on everything at the top and soft curved edjes on everything below the nav. no no. and the biggest problem is that script font in the content area.
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Feb 22nd 2004#143175 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
Posts: 1452
Heh. Tried that myself when I ran across that font 4 or 5 years ago. Never ran with it though.
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Feb 22nd 2004#143181 Report
Member since: Mar 29th 2003
Posts: 1326
ok - really nice layout, if you forget completely about the content and header. take it all out and its really professional actually. but learn how to style your content and make a header and logo that fits the design. please. no offense, but I wouldnt stay at your site very long after seeing that header. or the purple italics you used for news.

and wth is this ?
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Feb 23rd 2004#143240 Report
Member since: Jun 3rd 2003
Posts: 1867
gonna back up what tommyboy said, The site is really 2 styles clashing - the urbany look in the header, and the professional look below the header. they don't look good together. is the whole thing supposed to be a logo? Because it's terribly complicated; a sun with a bajillion fireballs surrounding it, and then a graffiti text? no go. the beveled text inside the sun is crap.

on the positive, i like the bottom. it's real slick. I like the fonts you chose for the links and for the box headers. It's not orthodox, and still a perfect fit.
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