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php version of site.

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Aug 7th 2001#11931 Report
Member since: Jul 22nd 2001
Posts: 27
Hey guys due to some crap I have been getting in my tagboard, from some other community. I have decided to make leihudotcom a fully php site so that I can keep out the riffraff. Basically it is going to be redesigned fully with a member interface so that I can ip ban folks that cause trouble it will be open to guests untill they cause a probelm then they will be banned from the entire website. The site will also be themeable and the members will be able to choose skins from there cp for the site. also as amember you will have exclusive access to tutorials ranging from flash to photoshop and all in between there will even be code and graphics tutes for litestep. I will have member downloads of actions and a custom graphics request form. for free graphics for active members only. This site will be completly coded in php and html with php style sheets so that we can theme it also the script used to make the site will be eventually released as a custom full web site solution.

This will all occur over the next few weeks and hopefully be completed by the end of august.

That being said I thought you'd all like to see my new coming soon splash page. it leads to the current site and forums also has a link to email me if you want more info or want to get in on membership before launch and maybe help out with tutorials or whatever.

so without further adue the new face of leihus splash

thanks to all the members from here who have come to my boards and been so supportive.
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Aug 7th 2001#11946 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
Posts: 1690
please, just do one thing. It's all I ask. Make it so I can see the scroll bar. *kneels* PLEASE I BEG OF YOU
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Aug 7th 2001#11958 Report
Member since: Apr 16th 2001
Posts: 759
the new design looks cool, a shame some people have to reck things for others.
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Aug 8th 2001#12152 Report
Member since: Jul 16th 2001
Posts: 239
good design but as said before - make the scrollbars viewable.
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Aug 8th 2001#12196 Report
Member since: Jul 22nd 2001
Posts: 27
not to worry the new site will have 4 themes to choose from so if one does not have visble scrollbars the others will so just choose a different theme and wala.

get it beauty of php
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Aug 10th 2001#12400 Report
Member since: Jul 22nd 2001
Posts: 91
Nice site, I like it.
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