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What do you think?

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Jan 5th 2004#136215 Report
Member since: Dec 6th 2003
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Is this any good?

Still some work needed on it.
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Jan 5th 2004#136273 Report
Member since: Apr 20th 2002
Posts: 3000
Since no one posted yet ... I shall :]

For one thing .. you have a problem with text... Small, italicised text for the nav makes it fairly hard to read, plus it really doesn't stand out that much. People would look at your News section as it is now to look for a nav, although it's not really there. Either make it big, or make it stand out. Second problem, the font you're using isn't appealing. If you've set tahoma as your secondary font, then your primary one isn't web-safe.

Your tutorial section, the images don't work and they lead to dead links. Same with the portfolio section.

Your banner looks like you threw together some past works that you liked or conjured up some quick 3D models and plastered it onto a white document. Some work is required on that, since it really doesn't make any sense (in a bad way).

Check the borders on your content area, specifically the top corners by the curves, there's a small break in it, probably that pesky spacer.gif line, just move that to the end and it'll be fine if that's the case.

Overall, it's kind of bland. Your priority is probably the text.

-> oh yeah .. add something on the side ... it just cuts off abruptly.
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Jan 7th 2004#136492 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
Posts: 1977
1: scrap the header. as mo0 pointed out....its not doing anything for the site.
2: Cut corners (45 angle...etc) are your enemy! Especially because u chose to round the corners on your content area. Its like when your a little kid....trying to put a square block through a round hole. They dont work together.
3: The spacing between the news box/main box and edges of content area should be equal in width.
4: the arrows above the nav..... I associate them with "back buttons" (as they're pointing left......) but u dont want ppl leaving your dont give them the idea (basically scrap them...also the arrows above the header.....cause then they wont match anything...nor do they mean anything )

Of course i dont expect you to immediately go fix everything. These are just general pointers to keep in mind.
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