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any opinions?

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Dec 23rd 2003#134699 Report
Member since: Mar 29th 2003
Posts: 1326
Im not sure if I like this or not ... its not all that artistic but if I add some good content and keep it updated (with the help of PHP) then I think it'll be OK.

I made it in brown

and then went grayscale

Im just not sure...
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Dec 23rd 2003#134704 Report
Member since: Aug 6th 2003
Posts: 53
I think your links are messed up. I clicked "I made it brown" and it sure looked grey to me. Vice versa on the "and then went grayscale".

Overall a clean design. Update it often and it will be very functional. As you said, its not gonna blow anyone away with its design but I don't think thats the point of the site. Content is an overlooked art in itself.

Looking forward to see it in action.
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Dec 23rd 2003#134714 Report
Member since: Feb 14th 2003
Posts: 685
work on the brown one -- nice neutral color always pleases, me thinks... design is clear cut too... well done

keep at that one
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Dec 23rd 2003#134716 Report
Member since: Jan 2nd 2003
Posts: 177
I personally prefer the grey one. Not sure about the site as a whole though, there seems to be a lot missing. There's so much space--especially on the bottom--that needs filling up. I think you've got the color scheme pretty much down pat, but I think there's a lot more to be done.

I think the area under the affiliates box will really need to have some thought put into it. Without anything filling that up, I think it'll give the site a weird look.
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Dec 23rd 2003#134724 Report
Member since: May 12th 2003
Posts: 1088
well i was thinking a light shade of blue would be good on the layout, its nice, clean cut and precise,

things i would add? :: i would center it and add a nice patterned background
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Dec 23rd 2003#134725 Report
Member since: May 18th 2003
Posts: 324
I like the gray... I think you need something on the other side of the header... or maybe some light pattern on their.
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