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A real event flyer!

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Aug 1st 2001#11110 Report
Member since: Jan 1st 1970
First I was gonna critique for too busy a background... but WOW, you make it work, man. Once my eyes stopped spinning, the content stands up. Then my eyes rushed back to the candy!
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Aug 1st 2001#11112 Report
Member since: Jun 14th 2001
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Whats the name of the "vision" font?
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Dec 22nd 2006#175692 Report
Member since: Dec 22nd 2006
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:eek: He "Disposition\\\Andrew" DID NOT MAKE ANY FLYERS FOR Pi Production ever!!! Not THIS flyer "VISIONS" or any other. Mahyar "friendly moon" made this flyer for us. He is my Partner in "Pi Production" and he designs almost all our flyers along w/ all the flyers for Taz Records, O.T.E. and many more companies in the Pacific NW. \\\Andrew can contact us anytime @ or email me through this. If you like this flyer contact Mahyar @ our myspace link.


If you look at the flyer I'm sure you'll find his "friendly moon" logo hidden some where on it. I don't have the flyer in front of me or I'd tell you where to find it. But this was a party that "Pi" was invold w/. "VISIONS" "1" in Seattle @ NAF.
But not "Visions 2" in bellingham except Mahyar did make the flyer for it also and we had some talent there. But "VISIONS 2" was John's "O.T.E." party completely.
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