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Possible design...

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Nov 23rd 2003#130056 Report
Member since: May 22nd 2003
Posts: 315
Frequency Design

Please tell me whatcha think, it has some work to do on it [its going into flash eventaully] but I want to know what you think right now...

...hopefully you'll have ideas for improvment =]

Thanks a bunch!
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Nov 23rd 2003#130074 Report
Member since: Jul 19th 2003
Posts: 810
thats pretty cool but its a bit bland i would say... it lacks eye candy... i think you should take the thing in the middle away.... there is nothing "frequent" about that..... maybe you could think of a sdifferent style....

for example : instead of the greyish feel.... why dont you try something to do with light blue..... (sorta reminds me of waterfalls which ARE frequent) i wouldnt use waterfalls though.... i

the reason i like your design at the moment is because it is different to most design sites which are out at the moment...

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Nov 23rd 2003#130079 Report
Member since: Jun 20th 2003
Posts: 1203
It's a great concept but expand on it.

1) Give it some color
2) Get rid of the pixel font on the vertical "frequency," they only look good small!
3) Try to do your navigation in a font that people have so you don't have to use images for your buttons.

...more to come
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Nov 23rd 2003#130085 Report
Member since: May 22nd 2003
Posts: 315
The navigation is just 50% high verdana =]... and like I said its going into flash, so its not a problem... thanks guys!
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Nov 24th 2003#130201 Report
Member since: Oct 21st 2003
Posts: 105
take antialias out off the font so it looks sharper
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