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New site - For a Gaming Team

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Nov 22nd 2003#130000 Report
Member since: Nov 10th 2003
Posts: 129
Well guys I have been working my ass off to become better and better at web design and I finally think i have made a keeper!

I was asked by a Digital Paintball Team, HMUS (Hit Men United States), to build a site for them with money in my paypal account in return. I felt the I really needed to impress them because I was being payed for it so I finally came up with a good layout (I think it is).

It is not done, I know the bottum is plain but I am working on it and will update this thread when I finish portions of the site. Also I learned to code and such in dreamweaver so iam set!

Please tell me what you think! Rate it from 1-10, C&C Appreciated!

Clan Site
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Nov 22nd 2003#130001 Report
Member since: Apr 15th 2002
Posts: 1130
hmm..i'd give the header around 6 .. and the rest around ... 4.. with the situation in mind .. the site doesnt exactly look proff. so i wont judge it like it was ..

i cant see the relation to "Digital Paintball Team", so maybe show that somehow? .. the menu-bar is plain, and very used by now.. the gradient thing that is.. The font in the header isnt exactly something that ooshes quality, its to unreadable and .. "non-pretty" .. fix that as well ..

Dont take this the wrong way, im just giving you a few pointers .. if you want the site to make it look more proffesional, try fixing some of the things mentioned above.. And no, im not some genious thats allways right.. I just think the site is missing something ..

Best of luck on the impression.. lets hope the pay you more than agreed ;)
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Nov 22nd 2003#130004 Report
Member since: Jul 19th 2003
Posts: 810
about that font - Try using UNIVOX its really cool and would fit that header i think...

i agree with casual about the gradient buttons.... maybe some nice rollovers should be used? mmmmmm rolloveralicious!!!

Maybe put the buttons into a sort of different shaped bar.... perhaprs an u[pturned crescent with the buttons at angles?

I really like the header graphic itself.... i think wether on not uyou need to change it depends on what sort of team they are (like a hi tec or sort of more.... warrior (primative like))

If its the latter then maybe you should use something dark green or something? i think darker colours go well on gaming sites?!

Other than those suggestions its good.... just keep trying and it will become really nice

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Nov 22nd 2003#130016 Report
Member since: Oct 16th 2003
Posts: 717
5 - the top section still needs work. fix the font and make the links stand out more.
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Nov 22nd 2003#130043 Report
Member since: Nov 10th 2003
Posts: 129
I REALLY appreciate all the comments guys! I am working on it now, it gave me some great ideas. As for the fonts, where can I get them, I am really limited with my fonts so I need a good place to gettem.

I also thought the navbar was a bit plain and I will be fixin that sucker up..

The team is more "hi-tec" and futuristic and everything, that is what they asked me to make it along with the colors I am using.
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Nov 22nd 2003#130044 Report
Member since: Jun 3rd 2003
Posts: 1867
i disagree with lazyroll on a few things:

I agree with him that you definitely need to rethink your fonts but univox is definitely one way not to go. It's a crappy "futuristic wanna be font".

second, realize that rollovers aren't good just because they're rollovers. They like everything else have to be used properly. So you shouldn't probably say something idiotic like "rollovericious" or something of the like.

on your site, you should antialias the title font and make it stand out.

the gradient buttons i agree are played out by now and you didnt' really execute them that well on your site anyway so, no loss getting rid of that...

I just think it need a lot of work and can be a lot cleaner and better executed.
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Nov 23rd 2003#130061 Report
Member since: Nov 10th 2003
Posts: 129
Here is an update guys, what do you think about what I did?

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Nov 23rd 2003#130073 Report
Member since: Jul 19th 2003
Posts: 810
thats not really an update now is it?? its just got a bit of content!!!

do the things people said and then post it back up.... (if you want)
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