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astudios redone again.

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Nov 14th 2003#128874 Report
Member since: Mar 24th 2002
Posts: 3114
I made 28...28!!!!! layouts. This one was the only one I liked.
I tried going 2D, trendy, colour-areas only, imageless, photo-ish....whatever you can think of. But number 28 was a 3D-ish bevel+gradient-happy piece of poo, and I loved it. :D
I can't help it.

Oh well, <--- still some stuff to do, but I wanted to 'launch' it now.
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Nov 14th 2003#128876 Report
Member since: Jul 10th 2002
Posts: 1706
Sweet, you used my design. Awesome looking man. If you want you can Pay Pal me the money.

Talk to you on MSN man.
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Nov 14th 2003#128893 Report
Member since: May 27th 2002
Posts: 1028
Ummm... you can PayPal me some money too! Nice one, Paavo. Although I really can't think of one that hasn't been.
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Nov 14th 2003#128898 Report
Member since: Sep 29th 2003
Posts: 1496
Looks good. Now, can I have some money since everyone is getting some?
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Nov 14th 2003#128903 Report
Member since: Jun 20th 2003
Posts: 1203
Pretty good, a bit too much wasted space IMO.
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Nov 14th 2003#128910 Report
Member since: Sep 16th 2002
Posts: 1876
Yeah, I think I saw most of the 28 designs when I was browsing through your kakka directory. Bah! It is a nice cure for boredom...

Now for the review:

+ Color scheme - lighter is better
+ Thingy in middle.. very cool
+ Comment thing on each drawing... nice!
Good, but could be better
+ Navigation positioning. It irritates me how it's out of order like that and the |'s don't line up. AHAFHADASFDF
+ Mesh thing doen't really fit... maybe try giving a green tone?

Other than those things.. well done! Very Paavo-esque!
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Nov 14th 2003#128914 Report
Member since: May 22nd 2003
Posts: 315
holy... ****...
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Nov 14th 2003#128915 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
Posts: 1977
thats pretty good!

1 crit though.....and thats the right side. It's too empty. Maybe center the layout...or move the shoutbox over there or maybe add more graphics to it.....just something as its kinda an attention grabber.
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Nov 14th 2003#128926 Report
Member since: Oct 16th 2003
Posts: 717
well, very nice clean shiny, glossy, look. good job if u actually drew all those textures. i really like the yellow and black worn out metal part in the middle.
but, i give u 2 thumbs up simply because of your randomized a$$ and titty viewer. that's good times.
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Nov 14th 2003#128946 Report
Member since: Feb 17th 2003
Posts: 2450
cute as heck

I said so on your site too - it looks more like an airplane that a car... but it's nice. I love it.
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