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layout check - personalinspirational

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Oct 31st 2003#127208 Report
Member since: Mar 29th 2003
Posts: 1326
OK I'm going to start a project called "personalinspirational". It's a one-page site, and I'm guessing that you can figure out what the idea behind it is.

I wanted to make something a little more unconventional, and I thought I was off to a good start with this picture (that I took), but everything just kinda fell in place. I'm not sure if thats good or bad now. Since a lot of the boxes aren't over the background, should I give them all strokes? Or will the text and image flow block them off into chunks? I might put in some links that go to the bottom of the page (like for FAQ, or contact info, or about the site). Where do those go? They don't need to be huge as most of the site is in plain view. And another thing - I might add a 50 px high bar above the content area, as a brief description of what exactly the site is about.

Also, how do I code this site. Right now I'm thinking leftbar, header, and content, each with the sliced background image as backgrounds. Then I add the boxes as tables over that, with the background of some being a 50% white .gif or something. I'll need a huge spacer at the top of the leftbar... And I guess I'll use an iFrame for the news and updates section. As for the suggest/comment areas...I guess I could use an iFrame, or just make sure that they don't get that big by limiting the amount of user comments there. They will be able to stretch a little if they are transparent tables.

So thats what my thinking is now - what do you think? Thanks.

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Oct 31st 2003#127210 Report
Member since: Jul 19th 2003
Posts: 810
ummmm..... im not sure man......

i like the picture and the idea....... dont you think it looks a bit too much like....

i think it does

as for the coding....... i think you shoudl have some sort of pixel font at the side which isnt dominative...... but goes parralell to the egde of the picture....... i dont think there hshould be a header........ i dont really see the need for any of the headers/footers/ etc...

do you get what i mean?
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Oct 31st 2003#127216 Report
Member since: Feb 4th 2003
Posts: 74
i like it, nice idea too. whens it going to be up and finished?

i dont think it looks anything like dreamsforsale...
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