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check : small website

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Oct 28th 2003#126752 Report
Member since: Jul 16th 2002
Posts: 10
I've made a smalle website and i need some critic. A part of the site is still under construction.

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Oct 28th 2003#126759 Report
Member since: Dec 13th 2002
Posts: 904
It's a little bland. Nothing really flows with each other ... it's like ... a bunch of boxes. You should make your site flow as one site instead of all chopped up like you got it. It's not that attractive graphically either. Get rid of the dude on the couch and put a better image there. He makes it seem like it's a site for a modern furniture store .... or somethin. Just reminds me of a commercial.
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Oct 28th 2003#126764 Report
Member since: Jul 19th 2003
Posts: 810
i do like the chooped up thing..... but the pic inside it depends what the site is for and i am still not sure wat it is for..... if its web design then you need a better pic

and that bottom frame is pants
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Oct 28th 2003#126777 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
Posts: 1977
1) you could use some contrast. ...ok a lot of contrast!!
2) Frames are evil. Dont ever use them. Your main page will cache why use frames? Also either way your going to have to reload frames are useless....nevermind the fact that your layout is so simple frames is overkill.
3)kinda overkill with the iframes (what ever happened to actual pages these days?? Stop with the iframes ppl!!)
4) graphics are good. make some!! not just blocks of color with info in them
5)Links........not needed. First i guarantee anyone on your site......will know 2a's address. Also why link to the best of the best? Your almost implying "'s a list of ppl that are better than me".
6) the bottoms of the iframes need more spacing. content should never rub up against the edge of anything. Always have spacing between content and layout (for readability)

Also I kinda agree with the furniture thing.....
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Oct 28th 2003#126779 Report
Member since: Feb 14th 2002
Posts: 619
i love you rodder lol
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Oct 28th 2003#126786 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
Posts: 1977

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Oct 28th 2003#126793 Report
Member since: May 13th 2003
Posts: 644
lol rodder has fans!!!!!
well the first thing get rid of the pic, i agree with the furniture thing thats what i though the site was about. rodder nail it in the head, you need contrast, use some type on dark color in the site it would help a lot.
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Oct 29th 2003#126916 Report
Member since: Oct 28th 2003
Posts: 10
I disagree that its bland, i think its like that on purpose, a very modern looking, minimalist syle.

It might need a little more contrast, especially so you can see the menu text easier, but not too much, it would take away from the subtle color scheme.
The only thinkg i dont like about the colors is that the scroll bars are the most contrasty (??) thing on the page.

The contrast seems to come from the smooth colors compared to the rigid shapes.

The photo? Yeh, not sure why, the colors in it are fitting but the subject? dont know. if its a personal site and that is you, yeh ok. Like lazyroll sed, it depends what the page is for. Im not sure either.

Yeh the frames could go, but i dont think they take away from it. They fit in with the cuts in the design anyway.

Only other things is, is it necessary to have the text on the lower left panel as an image? The identical effect could be created with CSS (or even just tables). I know im a CSS nut but if theres a way that looks the same and loads faster, why not use it? (not that the images are that big anyway)

Overall, it has a very chic professional look about it.

(Hmm... Feel like I just wrote a critical analysis for a uni assignment )
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