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Oct 21st 2003#125671 Report
Member since: Oct 21st 2003
Posts: 8
First off Hi to all, I would like any comments about my site, I`m still working on it but most of the front end has been completed, heres my address - Click here
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Oct 21st 2003#125673 Report
Member since: Jan 14th 2003
Posts: 942
You stole my dreams hook.

Hate you.

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Oct 21st 2003#125677 Report
Member since: Oct 21st 2003
Posts: 8
Ermmm, that was constructive Nostalgia, ty.
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Oct 21st 2003#125679 Report
Member since: Oct 21st 2003
Posts: 1
Awesome site ... really nice work ... keep it up.
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Oct 21st 2003#125680 Report
Member since: Oct 21st 2003
Posts: 8
TY zentek
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Oct 21st 2003#125687 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
Posts: 1977
Graphically.....its sexy. Im a sucker for the blending...and those wavy shapes of color, but for execution....its kinda poor.

The Preloader:
1)Get rid of AOL (that looks bad...your target audience i guarantee wont be using aol)

2) "Your first visit....seconds to load" is not needed. Also up above you alread have "loading" so why have it twice??

3) the preload animation is ok.....but it doesnt help me in any way (like a preload bar...or % loaded......or even the total kb).

The interface:

1) navigation is hard to read. The nav bg is screened back too much also the text shadows arent dark enough.

2) the bevel lines defining the content are hard to focus on. They would look nicer if they had a little more contrast (darker) so they poped out more

3)500k is fairly large for the interface alone.

4) the right side where you have announcements and tuts really falls apart. The structure doesnt fit in with the looks messy/rushed. Also it conflicts with the boxes along the bottom...cause there is no space (breathing room) between the elements.

5) the upper drop shadow looks very strage. It makes your interface appear on a like 20 degree tilt backwards. Id remove that. Also the right shadow (though barely visible) is odd too.

6) the announcements......need to be white. There is no reason to screen back text on a dark background (especially with variation in color)

7) "Hi and welcome" text is terrible. You need a diff font...or atleast make this smaller and adjust the tracking and kerning!!

8) whats with the word dreams?? when your eyecande?

9) the copyright is large. it would look better about half that size and screened back (yes you would be screening on a dark background....but its ok as its not a visual/important element)

10) id remove the subnav. You already have "home" on the nav itself...and you can out sitemap on the nav too. Print and email seem to be space fillers more than something functional. If you do need make them smaller and move them as they are not important as everything else (kinda like the copyright)

11) the rectangle on the left is not needed. It serves no other purpose than to distract from the navigation
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Oct 21st 2003#125689 Report
Member since: Mar 16th 2001
Posts: 2421
160+ images to load?? Any way to cut that down. That would help people with slower connections ;)
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Oct 21st 2003#125697 Report
Member since: Oct 21st 2003
Posts: 8
Rodder ty for taking time out to place the comments you`ve made, I`ve copyed them and will address them tomorrow, ty pank too.
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Oct 22nd 2003#125702 Report
Member since: Jul 16th 2002
Posts: 352
The loading animation is pretty cool! But, thats alot of images to load. I'm on cable and it took a little while. But, once your inside past the loading, the site is awesome. I wouldn't normally like a redish site like that but you did good!
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Oct 22nd 2003#125711 Report
Member since: Oct 16th 2003
Posts: 717
wow dude, that's very nice and very different. i really like the little 3d folds in the backgorund.
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