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Oct 20th 2003#125447 Report
Member since: Jun 11th 2003
Posts: 14
Hello everyone we have just started a new site
Check it out
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Oct 20th 2003#125450 Report
Member since: May 7th 2003
Posts: 559
You don't have permission to access / on this server.


Apache/1.3.28 Server at Port 80
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Oct 20th 2003#125455 Report
Member since: Jun 11th 2003
Posts: 14
Sorry for that its up now
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Oct 20th 2003#125461 Report
Member since: Jan 14th 2003
Posts: 942
Misspelled "Your".

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Oct 20th 2003#125479 Report
Member since: Aug 15th 2003
Posts: 18
i dont like the site- too busy and colourful. Also animated thing on splash page is abit cheesy

Try using a colour scheme, too many bright colours in there
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Oct 20th 2003#125481 Report
Member since: Jul 16th 2002
Posts: 352
I'm not liking the orange and green. To bright and I just don't think they work well. That moving thing is also a little annoying.
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Oct 20th 2003#125490 Report
Member since: May 12th 2003
Posts: 1088
green where the hell do u see green, maybe im missing something ?

but i luv it, heh just my tastes i assume,
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Oct 20th 2003#125494 Report
Member since: Feb 17th 2003
Posts: 2450
heh - kinda ..sunny... and the gif on the's huge and serves no purpose...
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Oct 20th 2003#125501 Report
Member since: Aug 12th 2002
Posts: 1693
okey I'm not that fond of the bright colors either...but I guess that's everyones own taste I guess...
But there are a few things that are bothering me a bit...
Well I don't like that the text in the main window start right away...
So a topmargin=3 or even just a
would help.
Then I think it stops to suddenly at the end too...
There should be something more down there...

And the splash is pretty unessery imo.
Well but otherwise it's pretty good :D
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Oct 21st 2003#125556 Report
Member since: May 27th 2002
Posts: 1028
First of all the blue has no place in that design - it just doesn't fit. Make your bars thinner - you don't need that much room around your affiliates links, or your navigation at the very top. Elements of your main page look thrown on, try and clean them up a bit with a little continuity between them. Also, I suggest getting somebody to spell check your entire site before you announce it. The word is "Avatars" and your is possessive while you're is the contracted form of you are.
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