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DjBev Intro page !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sep 26th 2003#122403 Report
Member since: May 8th 2002
Posts: 66

Peep this intro page .. tell me what you think ..holla ..

Come check out for some live radio ..!!!! make a request .. ...!!!!!!!!!!
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Sep 26th 2003#122413 Report
Member since: Dec 13th 2002
Posts: 904
Ok, I like it, but it needs some tweeking. The DJ needs a lot of work. It doesn't really seem like he has a neck and the headphones dont look like they wrap around the top of his head. He looks more like a blob than a person. Also, he is seperated from the turntables like he only has half a body and hes kinda floating there. What exactly is he doing? Putting the needle on so he can get ready to line up the records? Is he speeding it up? Being a dj myself, I'd rather see him speeding or slowing down one record with one hand, then his other hand doing something with the mixer. It would make him look like hes doing something more. The turntables need work as well. They are just boxes. Lets see some buttons and knobs and phaders on the mixer. Might take a little time but it'll be well worth it in the end. You should add two more circles on the records too. One for the hole and one for the sticker (and if it was me, I'd put something on the sticker to give it added detail). Put some needles on there too and some ports in the back of the mixer and decks. Wires wouldn't hurt either. Those aren't really necessary to add to the turntables and mixer, but it would definatly make it look a LOT better.
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Sep 26th 2003#122455 Report
Member since: Sep 6th 2001
Posts: 3893
Well, the dj kindof looks like an old man to tell you the truth haha... and I dont really know if i like those things on the corners of the page, they look kindof blurry or something. Maybe make those shaper and take some of the suggestions that 02 said.. and I think it will look great
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Sep 26th 2003#122462 Report
Member since: May 8th 2002
Posts: 66
Thanks for the feedback, yea i kno the dj looks a lil sloppy but i did it in 15 min , i plan on to do it again .. nice a cleaner.. ill follow your feedbacks and post it again .. thanks..!!!
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