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WIP - horizontal site for my writing

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Sep 13th 2003#121752 Report
Member since: Mar 29th 2003
Posts: 1326
Here's the layout:

It still needs a header and footer but I think it looks OK so far. Kinda unconventional I guess, but its better than my current one:

I might need some help with the slicing, etc. Is there a way that the brown background could be tiled? I would have a long td with a tiling brown background. Then each panel would be a table inside that I guess. But how do I get the space in between the panels? In HTML you're only allowed one space so I dont know how I'm gonna do it. I could just slice normally but that would be a waste of space because the background is tiling. hmmmm - I'll have to think about it.

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Sep 14th 2003#121777 Report
Member since: Mar 28th 2001
Posts: 1109
horizontal websites are cool.

don't forget your 'nowrap'
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Sep 14th 2003#121779 Report
Member since: May 1st 2002
Posts: 3034
to get a space just use cellpadding :P
you might need to use a nested table, and for your tiling background you should check in with some css resources you find those quite helpful.
about the site its a good idea I always enjoy a nice horizontal site. yours isn't too bad, I reccomend aginst that green font at all costs. but as for now I can't say much until I see a finished product.
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Sep 14th 2003#121785 Report
Member since: Jul 25th 2003
Posts: 489
Not bad man I've would love to help you slice but I'm busy like $hit if you really run into problems I'll still help as I can.

I think what you really need is a better host man, popup is really getting to me :D
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Sep 14th 2003#121832 Report
Member since: Mar 29th 2003
Posts: 1326
I know, I know. Before I made my site, I found a good free host but you had to have a site elsewhere and then they would review it and if it was good then they'd give you hosting. I can't find that again though.

Also, if I bought a domain name (which is like $10 flat) then the pop-up would still be there, right? Have to pay per month to get rid of that is what I understand...

I don't really need help with the slicing, just the idea. Cellpadding was what I had forgotten was possible. And yeah I know CSS for the tiling background.

The font was supposed to be brown, maybe I need to tweak the color a tad to adjust for my partial colorblindness.

What does nowrap do? Is that a body tag? Haven't done this horizontal stuff before so I don't know.

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Sep 14th 2003#121879 Report
Member since: Sep 6th 2001
Posts: 3893
It looks pretty good, but I REALLY dont like the green text. Maybe a dark red or brown or something that better fits the style of the site. Other then that I think it looks really good ;)
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Sep 15th 2003#121937 Report
Member since: Mar 20th 2001
Posts: 671
Yeah the green text bothered me too. Otherwise....Kinda ok I guess...
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Sep 15th 2003#121994 Report
Member since: Mar 29th 2003
Posts: 1326
"Kinda OK" lol If something doesnt look good then please let me know.

Dont just drop little hints and let me go ahead with production on something thats not good. :D

Hit me hard!

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Sep 16th 2003#122002 Report
Member since: Oct 6th 2002
Posts: 1003
I'm not too sure how much I like the horzontal thing.

I can't say that I unequivocally dislike it, I just can't say I really like it yet.

I'm sure it'll grow on me.

Yeah, only thing is font color. I'd do something about that.

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Sep 16th 2003#122005 Report
Member since: Jun 3rd 2003
Posts: 1867
Yeah, the horizontal thing. I've seen sites like that, her'es an interesting one:
A little trendwhory but nice nonetheless.

As for horizontal sites, they either do it for you or they dont. PErsonally, I enjoy it, i think it's kind of creative. Others won't stand it. What can i say. lol

as far as yours is concerned, i dont like the monotony of it. It gets kinda boring after the first 3. lol. It's just the exact same thing over and over again. Might wanna el-change-it-up-o. :D
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