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site suggestions

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Aug 4th 2003#116435 Report
Member since: Jul 9th 2002
Posts: 85
Well, Ive decided to get into web hosting (as if there wern't enough people providing it already and Ive just finished the basic layout for my site. Ive been working on this for like 5 hrs straight and Im in need some comments or suggestions. I was going for a simple, clear, professional, cool kinda look.

I guess what I want to know is if this style of site would entice you to buy web hosting over a different company with the same deals, and if not, why? Hope that makes sense. Thanks
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Aug 5th 2003#116451 Report
Member since: Sep 16th 2002
Posts: 1876
That is really nice.

I would make the navigation text bigger, and spice it up a bit... maybe some sort of mouseover effect. Nothing too extravagant.. just some color change or something. Stylish.

Good job.
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Aug 5th 2003#116476 Report
Member since: Jul 25th 2003
Posts: 489
Looks very slick and simple and nice, only suggestion make the Go button little smaller and the navigation items more closer to each other :D
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Aug 5th 2003#116482 Report
Member since: Jun 3rd 2003
Posts: 1867
Boy, is that clean! that's what I like to see :D Very professional look.

One thing, I think that you should make the main picture not so faded. I can see you did it to match the light blue, and it looks nice, but if the saturation/lightness were made so that the pic looks more vibrant, then so much the better.

Outside of that though, I can't find anythign wrong with this site. Simple and effective! Good stuff, keep it up!
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Aug 5th 2003#116487 Report
Member since: Apr 20th 2002
Posts: 3000
Might be a problem with the name; there's already an Envision7 hosting service. Might cause unwanted attention. :(
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Aug 5th 2003#116501 Report
Member since: Dec 13th 2002
Posts: 904
I like this. Very impressive. The colors, style, look and feel are awesome. Looks real good ... I'm sure you'll get some great response with that. Good luck.
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Aug 5th 2003#116512 Report
Member since: Sep 6th 2001
Posts: 3893
I think it looks good... great choice of colors and style, Its simple and very business like, but still has some great flavor

Nice work man :D
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Aug 5th 2003#116521 Report
Member since: Aug 2nd 2003
Posts: 8
Love it! Personally I'd make it 800 across tho.
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Aug 5th 2003#116540 Report
Member since: Jun 2nd 2003
Posts: 233
wow...looks verrry nice :D the only things i would change are...

keep your pixelfont and decrease the height of your white nav bar or increase the size of your font and keep the current height of the nav bar

line your title (envision|hosting) a few more pixels to the right. it looks a little to close to the edge. i would indent it the same amount of space as there is between the 'y' in company and the right edge of your site.

other than that, sweet success.
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Aug 6th 2003#116685 Report
Member since: Jul 9th 2002
Posts: 85
Thanks for all the comments!

Im making some changes right now and then Ill finish the rest of the site.

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