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Jul 31st 2003#115828 Report
Member since: Jul 31st 2003
Posts: 3
please visit my new website and give me some feedback
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Jul 31st 2003#115832 Report
Member since: Jul 25th 2003
Posts: 489
Everything looks pretty nice I like it only the green sphere looks kinda simple in the at the main page

Good job!
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Jul 31st 2003#115850 Report
Member since: Jun 3rd 2003
Posts: 1867
When I first saw this site the first thing that came to mind was Ironically, that's your site of the week.

what i dont like about this site is that there's no continuity.
for example, the chains are very well done but they just kind of hang out of random places. the same goes for the blood.

i dont understand the orbs either for the same reason. how do they fit into a dark site? they play no purpose.

you should make this page flow more. there's too many things hanging out of random places. Remember, "more is less."
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Jul 31st 2003#115854 Report
Member since: Jul 31st 2003
Posts: 3
o boy, when i read your post i couldnt wait to get my say in sooo badly.

firstly the orbs. its ment to be set in a fantasy world. the orbs represent myth,unreal,magical. Mysterious. the red orb at the bottom simbolises the orc himself. i.e rage, him breaking free from his chains. the green orb at the top simblises his soft side, his wanting to get back to his homeland. remember also that it is only version 1 and when i update it the theme will kcik in more. im really sorry if im taking shots at you. but i feel kind of proud of the media content more than anything and thats all you complained about when there is almost nothing wrong with how i have conveyed my ideas of the orc. :(

the graphics:
the chains come form nowhere you say???
they are hanging out from the background/wall. :rolleyes:

but thanks for your feeback even though it was hardly what i was expecting.

and, where is the link between my site and scremaing-art?
they are totaly different in narrative and representation. i think you have some issues where you ejoy making other people sad.

all you had to say was, its not my cup of tea. not make a guy want to re-write his whole media text.
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Jul 31st 2003#115856 Report
Member since: Jul 25th 2003
Posts: 489
lol sup doesnt mean it I see the same problems too we just offer advices I think the reason you did all that is first

you learned how to make an aqua sphere, chains, etc and they look pretty nice but you have to apply them not just put them in radom places, be organized and it will look great :D

otherwise, welcome aboard!
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Jul 31st 2003#115857 Report
Member since: Jul 31st 2003
Posts: 3
I know i aint as advanced at photoshop as most.

but however thanks for the feeback, maybe my last post came out like i was angry/shouting. i was not at all. just some friendly banter.
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Jul 31st 2003#115858 Report
Member since: Jun 2nd 2003
Posts: 233
*cough cough* its not bad but i fully agree with supa. this is a web design/critique forum and web design/critique type comments is what you're going to get. were not here to comment on how wonderful the orc is represented or whatever you replied with above. were here to comment on the quality of the work posted. sure, in your eyes, you're web site is awesome, but however, there are plenty of things that are wrong with it (mostly of what supa said). so you can either take it as its given and better your site or ignore it like you have previously done above.
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Jul 31st 2003#115859 Report
Member since: Jul 9th 2003
Posts: 156
It looks pretty good. Don't take CC so bad, we're just tryin' to help, and it is your website, so you don't have to listen to us anyways.
The link between your site and screaming-art's is not in the design scheme, but in the tuts of screamin-art. I didn't see any link between your sites at first, but I looked at the tuts and you can see that your chains/blood splats/spheres came from there. (btw some of your blood splats that are part of the bg are cut off by your foreground images a bit...).
Sure we can see that the chains come out of the wall, but they just don't seem to come out from where they do for any real purpose... And its nice to have an explanation of what everything is supposed to represent, but to a casual visitor they'd have no idea why you had those spheres.
I'd suggest an about section... Web-sites are great and all, but if I don't know what the point of the site is I'm probably not going to remember it....
Anyways, welcome to the boards, and good job on the site.
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Jul 31st 2003#115866 Report
Member since: Jun 3rd 2003
Posts: 1867
dude, wtf? I wasn't trying to diss you, so i wasn't "complaning" about anything. If you don't want your site to look its best, then there's nothing for me to complain about. it's not my site.

You put your site up on a critique board. So i'm giving critiques. Why would I just say "it's not my cup of tea" when I can suggest things that you can improve?

About the link between your site and screaming art, I'm talking about an old version. The previous version of screaming art had chains hanging out the ass. I'm not saying you're copying, i'm just saying that I saw the connection. Plus of what ziklen said, about the whole tutorial thing. The connection is there.

Of course, inspiration is always a good thing. I wasn't meaning it in a derogatory manner.

Another thing. You said a lot about how the orbs symbolize things, like red symbolizing anger and green symbolizing freedom yadda yadda blah blah blah. But that doesn't change how the webpage looks.

Don't forget, this is exactly how modern art works. A painter just splatters some red paint on a canvas, in no particular manner, and everyone says it symbolizes anger, rage, etc etc. when still it is just a red blob on the canvas!

Despite all symbolizatoin and allt he deep meaning, the red and green orbs still look out of place.

the chains come form nowhere you say???
they are hanging out from the background/wall.

Now, boys and girls. Let's reread supahsekzy's last post for a moment. Did he ever mention chains hanging from nowhere?

No. I said the chains are hanging out from random places. I know they're hanging out from the wall. In random places.

i'm sorry, but to me your site still looked very disorganized and you might consider taking some of my critiques into account the next time you redesign it.

I'd like to close on a note that may help you take criticism better in the future.

For myself, if I made a webdesign or a piece of art or something and someone who was as good/better than me told me it sucked, and why, then it would mean more to me than for someone worse to tell me that it was great.

It's just a learning method. Everybody makes mistakes. Nobody's perfect. But we can always be better.
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Jul 31st 2003#115875 Report
Member since: Mar 29th 2003
Posts: 1326
Please o please o please don't make .jpg files of content (text) to put on your site. Find me three other good sites that do it and I might rethink it. You're the second person I've said this to and I really mean it.

Other than that, I guess I agree with the others. The non-flowingness (no idea why that word isnt in the dictionary) that the others talked about didn't jump out at me, but the color scheme did, and thats the second thing I was going to talk to you about.

Grey text on brown doesn't look that great. I really don't know what color text you should use, maybe a grey that's almost white or just black. Other than that I dont know. Also you have a green orb and a red orb on a brown background, and they dont look all that great, either. (Also there's some noise on the green one - distracting - its not pure.)

Thats just what I think - I am by no means a master graphic designer, but master graphic designers are the only ones that visit your site.

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