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embodiament of fire

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Mar 30th 2001#785 Report
Member since: Mar 30th 2001
Posts: 5
hey new here guys. i stumbled across and found my way to a variety of sweetalicious photoshop sites like this one. and i thort 'wow' because this one has a forum! and im into forums! ok enough about me....nah. im into manga (the ones i can get my hands on .ie. DBZ, evangelion, Devil Man), i skin models (when i get a chance) and suck at physics. nuff said for now, here is a small (ok, big, forgive me?) sample of some of the 2d art i like to play around with to impress ppl :D its a background so ill just put up the link.

oh yeah and im an Aussie!! muaha
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Mar 30th 2001#795 Report
Member since: Mar 25th 2001
Posts: 507
umm.. that url didn't work.... :(

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Mar 31st 2001#840 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
Posts: 796
That's geocities, cut and paste it in your browser.

It's kinda nice, but it's all filter madness.
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Mar 31st 2001#858 Report
Member since: Mar 30th 2001
Posts: 5
hehehe filter madness, ill have to use that one!
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