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Mar 30th 2001#781 Report
Member since: Mar 26th 2001
Posts: 73
this site isnt done, and its on a temporary domain so i can test it, and only a few of the links are active...what you guys think it needs, and what you think it doesnt need?...just tell me what you guys think, bad and good..thanks
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Mar 30th 2001#783 Report
Member since: Mar 25th 2001
Posts: 83
Not a bad site. some of the graphics are pretty cool. I think that the graphics are a bit hickely pickedly (that mean things every where). Still not a bad site at all!
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Mar 30th 2001#800 Report
Member since: Mar 25th 2001
Posts: 163
I also think that the design is quite randomly. I also believe that you're using a bit too much bevel in your graphics, which makes your site a bit 'blurry'....

But you're on a good track....

P.S. please try to open a link in a new page. Looking at a flash site in that small frame, is rather annoying...
Under portfolio, (or something like that)

greetz, [ ::dotCom:: ] aka [ ::CyberoX:: ]
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Mar 30th 2001#801 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
Posts: 1604
Yeah, I'd kind of have to agree. There's some very random whitespace in places and a lot of the graphic elements seem somewhat separated from each other. I think it might be an idea for you to start simpler, do a layout that's got more solid color and is less complex graphically. I can kind of see the style you're going for, but I don't know that you're quite ready to be able to pull that off yet so that everything works together, etc. (no offense intended, it's not easy to do). I'd also go with a sans-serif font like Arial; more relaxed sans-serif fonts like the Comic Sans you used on the main page just don't work on any kind of a tech-ish site IMO (too community newsletter-ish IMO).

So keep going man, good start...

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