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Organic Again?

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Jul 6th 2001#7713 Report
Member since: Mar 24th 2001
Posts: 3734
I was trying for a tree branch this time.

I know it's too straight and perfect, but is it a start?

I spent a lot of time making the part where the 2 branches come together. That took some work to make it look realistic.
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Jul 6th 2001#7723 Report
Member since: Jun 30th 2001
Posts: 447
The tree looks like it's made of rusted metal. Try making it look more wooden. Good job on the part where the two branches came together.
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Jul 6th 2001#7724 Report
Member since: Mar 24th 2001
Posts: 3734
Yes, I see what you see now.

But there is a tree outside my window, and that is what the bark looks like. I think it's a cottonwood tree. I'm not totally sure on that, someone will prob. tell me if I'm wrong, but that's what it looks like.

I do see the rusted metal though.
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Jul 8th 2001#7852 Report
Member since: Jun 23rd 2001
Posts: 331
Shade it a bit more, please!
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