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before i slice it all up

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Jun 28th 2001#6968 Report
Member since: Apr 23rd 2001
Posts: 60
Heloooo ppl
i have this idea about a design conncept with elements i mean like water fire stone all that **** so basically every time a user enters the site he gets a different design but same content almost like pixelcore.
with the html versions i was aming for simle and easy to navigate
so anyway here are the html versions


and here are the flash versions

if you could just suggest what to change or add i'd appreciate it.
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Jun 28th 2001#6972 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2001
Posts: 1
I say we berry the body here
the white folks are dead
we getting the **** out of here
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Jun 28th 2001#6974 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
Posts: 1452
pro-viper: The HTML versions are ok, but I'm not afwul crazy about them. On the other hand, I think the Flash ones would look good, especially with the random designs. Although, you might take a tad of the brightness out of the orange one (Flash) on the left hand side....right in the content area..

Infec']['ed-Alex: I see you like Scary Movie. :D
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Jun 28th 2001#6976 Report
Member since: Jun 11th 2001
Posts: 67
Ok heres my take on this: I think that its a good idea to have a diffrent layout every visit. The plant seems just like a green water. Also in my opinion the bevels on the buttons are fine but it seems a bit too hard on the banner, perhaps its just the length of it compared to the buttons. Overall though great work.
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