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another failed attempt

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Jun 27th 2001#6922 Report
Member since: Mar 27th 2001
Posts: 2237
this is a composite of a site I started for myself (you know the ones I never finish) along the way I decided the navigation was too small.
Also, the colors......what was I thinking? LOL!

Anyway! Pick this one apart.
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Jun 27th 2001#6923 Report
Member since: Jun 2nd 2001
Posts: 68
I don't know what to say you pretty much said it. The menu is too small and the colors suck. Also simplicity is good but when you can count ALL the colors on the site it is a little too simple. And connecting the menu to the content area is ok but there should be curved lines instead of straight so it stays the same. Oh well, the connecting part is the only original comment you knew the rest. ok c ya
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