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Design Preview

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Jun 11th 2001#5698 Report
Member since: Apr 2nd 2001
Posts: 17
Check out the design...
Its inspired by Stridingstudio and Floodgear

Please tell me what you think?

None of the links work....
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Jun 12th 2001#5765 Report
Member since: May 16th 2001
Posts: 82
*Even if your sig links to the site put it in the text. That's why you haven't gotten any responses until now.
*The graphics need to be much sharper.
*The interface is too far to the right.
*The text at the top is squished.
*Customize the look of the scroll bar.
*The bottom text needs to not be on the border.
*The fonts could be better.
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Jun 13th 2001#5852 Report
Member since: Apr 2nd 2001
Posts: 17
Ok tnx anyway........
But the Graphics are ment to bee unsharp.....
Hmmz I'll se what I can do on COver #2

Please anyone go there:
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